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Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of questions should I be expected to answer when I am applying for an insurance policy? Why do insurers need so much information?

Insurance companies want to know as much about the potential customer as possible before they decide whether or not to offer insurance (or what kind to offer). This means that when you apply for an insurance policy, you will be asked a number of questions. For example, the agent might ask your name, age, gender and address. In addition, you will be asked a number of other questions which will be used to determine how likely you are to make a claim (such as previous driving records and recent accidents).

The answers to these questions can help determine the rate for which they offer coverage.

All of this information is used to customize your insurance as much as possible in order to provide you with the best experience should you need to create a claim.

What factors can affect the cost of my automobile insurance?

It’s important to understand the factors that affect your car insurance. The type of car you drive, where it’s garaged, how often you use it, your age, and even your gender can all have an effect on what kind of coverage and costs are involved.

What does homeowners insurance cover?

Many people get their homeowners insurance from a company that specializes in this type of coverage. This protects the insured against financial loss due to accidents or other disasters on their property, as well as giving them peace of mind during times when they are away from home.

The typical homeowner’s policy has two main sections: Section I covers what lies within your four walls (the rooms attached by exterior doors) while section II offers personal liability protection–meaning if someone trips over something outside of your front door, you are protected as a homeowner.

How much life insurance should an individual own?

“Rule of thumb” suggests an amount of life insurance equal to 6-8 times annual earnings. However, many factors should be taken into account when determining the right type and coverage for you or your family’s needs. Speak to one of our agents today for more information!